We grew up making videos, and we do it all -  we script, we film, we edit, we animate  (plus we've got a big pool of talented friends to dip into if we need a helping hand).

And just in case you need convincing, here are some actual quotes from actual e-mails:

  • excuse my french but that's f*cking brilliant!
    — Rogan, Campus Society, 16 Feb 2017 18:00
  • A belated response. I love this.
    — John Vincent, Co-Founder of LEON, 9 Jan 2017 23:36
  • I saw a cut of the film – it’s brilliant! Beautifully shot, really lovely colours and very funny!
    — Debs, Comic Relief, 3 July 2017 13:06
  • You guys are AMAZING. I love it (I prefer the second version, too.) Wow, I'm so excited! Thanks so much!
    — Maz O’Connor, Singer-Songwriter, 3 Oct 2016 19:24
  • These videos are creating magic and inspiring all of us at Jaipur rugs and beyond.
    — Kavita, Jaipur Rugs Company, 2 Apr 2016 22:42
  • These are awesome! Wonderful to have these for promoting the 2017 Awards :)
    — Laura, Africa Check, 24 April 2017 10:05
  • this is so so so so so so so fun! I love it thank you!! Loved watching it a gazillion times
    — Lili (whose wedding we filmed), 16 Nov 2016 16:53



height: 6 foot 5 inches

favourite toy: our new drone

special power: doing everything I can to satisfy our clients

favourite film: Barry Lyndon

actual favourite film: Shrek 2

first video: The Green Plastic Breakdancing Alien 

worst video: Random Objects Moving Backwards

behind the scenes: When Hunter's away, Sami works in theatre. He's spent the last year taking his farce/terrifying drama about President Trump - 'Force of Trump' - on tour.



height: 6 foot 5(and a half) inches

favourite toy: our new drone

special power: not being such a kiss-ass

favourite film: There Will Be Blood

actual favourite film: Mean Girls

first video: The Blob 2: Blob in the Big City         

worst video: Hunter's Yoshi Rap

behind the scenes: When Sami's away, Hunter's second love is comedy. He's directed a number of sketch shows and recently directed and shot the short web-series 'Post-Coital'.