We’ve been friends for the last decade.

And we’ve been making films together - for the last decade.

Larger companies aren't able to offer the personal touch and enthusiasm we cherish. As a small team, we have the flexibility to handle any project - whether at home or on the other side of the world.  

                                                                                                   For as long as we've been making films, one rule has always stuck fast: all we ever want to do is tell a great story.                 


Hunter’s love of creating videos began at 13, when his first animation (featuring Yoshi from Super Mario Bros) hit the front page of YouTube. Since then he has created over 150 videos, both online and off. He has worked on professional sets, with ITV and on Mike Leigh’s ‘Mr Turner’, and much less professional sets, working for club and theatre promotion. At Cambridge he was the video editor for The Tab, where he began to learn the nuances of online content, amassing over 100,000 views for his videos alone. With a love for sketch comedy he has written and produced dozens of comedy videos, leading him to direct the Footlight’s International Tour Show in 2015.


Sami started out making films on his bedroom floor before going on to direct trailers for student and professional plays. At Oxford, he filmed trailers for events and club nights as well as for the Ashmolean Museum.  He directed a couple of short films and was a member of the university’s online TV channel, regularly filming and editing short features. He has also worked as a script reader for several film production companies and as an assistant during the filming on the Netflix TV series 'Sense8'. He has written and directed several plays, sketch shows, and rehearsed readings - his latest play, a short sharp farce about Donald Trump, will be performed this summer.